Why Intimacy Matters

Why Intimacy Matters

Genuine intimacy of any sort in a relationship is guaranteed to keep that relationship interesting and fulfilling. That is probably one of the primary reasons why intimacy matters so much in a romantic relationship.

Intimacy can come in different forms. Of course the two most potent forms are emotional intimacy and physical intimacy, none of which is more important than the other. Emotional intimacy and physical intimacy complements each other.

But why does intimacy really matter so much in a relationship? We tend to take it so much for granted that over time we run the risk of first thinking that intimacy is just some novel feeling at the beginning of a relationship and then follows the behavior that ultimately undermine real intimacy.

Intimacy matters in a relationship because simply it creates the environment for real growth in the relationship and a higher level of mutually fulfilling experiences.

And that is what every relationship is about. Yes, there is the happiness, and the joy and the feelings of being loved or being emotionally secure, but in the end if we are not growing especially emotionally all of this could be for nothing.

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